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W Costa Tax Control and Audit is the first company in its field to introduce a dynamic port providing information, elucidation, on-line consultancy (chat), and Digital Consultancy.

Clients are entitled to access a supporting tool in their daily activities via login and password. The port is ideal to perform consultations and financial/business data follow-up, besides tracking market changes, real time. That is the macro and micro environment that is made available to you in W Costa Port.

W Costa Port provides the market newest concept in Controlling and Tax Audit: the Integrated Management Concept, a set of guidelines and tools that, in association with state-of-art technology, supplies the companies with an effective managerial and financial control, which, most of all, optimizes operating costs.

W Costa Port is the best option to the companies that wish to comply with continuous changes and market trends deviations, allowing timely decision making.

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